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The 24K Gold strain is a true gem among cannabis strains! If you’re looking for an earthy and sour burst of flavor, 24K Gold is the ideal choice. This strain is known for its ability to provide deep relaxation that can help relieve arthritis, muscle aches, and migraines.

For the adult cannabis enthusiast, 24K Gold is the perfect way to indulge in a luxurious and therapeutic experience. Its tangy, citrusy flavor will make each puff even more enjoyable. Enjoy the wealth of relaxation and healing that 24K Gold has to offer

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What is 24k gold strain?

Introducing the 24K Gold strain, the latest indica-dominant hybrid from legendary cannabis breeders, DNA Genetics. This award-winning strain is a combination of the indica Kosher Kush and the sativa Tangie, offering a unique balance of effects that are sure to please experienced cannabis consumers.

The 24K Gold strain is known for its potent, cerebral effects that can induce psychedelic-like visuals and auditory distortions. This strain is not recommended for novice cannabis users due to its high THC content. Those with more experience using cannabis may find these effects enjoyable and fun.

If you’re looking for a powerful and unique strain that is sure to make an impression, the 24K Gold strain is the perfect choice. With its combination of effects and its award-winning pedigree, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality product available. Try 24K Gold strain today and experience the power of cannabis royalty.


24K Gold delectable blend of citrusy orange, pine, musk and a hint of spice. Its unique aroma is reminiscent of incense, making it the perfect choice for adults who appreciate the finer things in life. Its parent strain, Tangie, offers a sweet citrusy orange scent, making it a luxurious experience for the senses. Experience the rich, complex aromas of 24K Gold and unlock a world of indulgence!


The perfect way to indulge in a delightful experience of sweet and fruity citrus-orange flavors. It contains some of the finest cannabis buds with an aroma that will tantalize the taste buds and create a unique smoking experience. Enjoy a thick and smooth smoke that is not too harsh on the throat or lungs, but still offers a slight peppery taste on the exhale. With 24K Gold, you can be sure to enjoy an unforgettable flavor and aroma that’ll leave you wanting more. So go ahead, indulge in this strain today and experience a truly luxurious flavor!


This Strain is the perfect choice for adults seeking a top-tier indica-dominant strain. With large, dense buds and a frosty, wintery coating of trichomes, this mature plant offers an incredibly potent experience. The light green leaves provide a striking contrast to the orange pistils and the buds can be round or almost spade-shaped depending on the phenotype. This luxurious strain is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for any cannabis connoisseur.

THC Content – Highest Test

24K G average THC level is around 20%. However, this strain’s THC content can be as high as 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

24K G high THC level is offset by more modest CBD levels of up to 0.2%.

Medical Benefits of the 24K Gold Strain

24K G offers many potential health benefits to medicinal cannabis consumers. This strain’s primary health benefit is arguably its ability to reduce stress by instilling a feeling of deep relaxation. Also, its uplifting effects may help to address mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Some 24K Gold consumers say that in higher doses, it can induce sleepiness. Therefore, experienced cannabis consumers with insomnia may find this potent strain helpful.

The 24K G strain is reportedly effective at alleviating arthritic joint and muscular pain and headaches, too. Finally, 24K Gold has an appetite-enhancing effect, as it commonly causes ‘the munchies.’

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