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Animal Mints strain is the perfect strain for adults looking for an intensely potent, minty experience. With its robust flavor and powerful effects, Animal Mints is sure to please even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur.

Not only is it intensely flavorful, but it offers a powerful, uplifting high that is sure to energize and invigorate.

For those seeking an intense, minty treat, Animal Mints is the perfect choice. Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints Buy Animal Mints

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What is Animal Mints strain?


The thing about cannabis strains with minty flavor profiles is that they tend to taste of nothing but mint. Due to the overpowering nature of mint, all of the other, more delicate notes become lost in the intensity of mint.

This isn’t true with the Animal Mints strain, as its other aromas somehow manage to break through the thick, sticky cloud of mintiness.

You will notice a very apparent whiff of cookie dough, raw and sweet. To perplex you even more, there is also just a little bit of diesel.

In keeping with at least some of its genetics, it also boasts just a hint of pine on the very back end of the aroma.


Most cannabis strains have a slight difference between their aroma and their taste. Something about the oxidation of the smoke on your tongue alters the flavor profile, usually making the flavor radically different from how it smells.

Once again, Animal Mints is an exception to this, as its flavor is almost eerily similar to its aroma. You will notice the same flavor profiles, in virtually the same pattern. You will be hit with plenty of mintiness, but it is offset by the pleasant sweetness of cookie dough and flour.

Some diesel will hit you on the exhale and a small amount of pine at the same time, leaving you feeling thirsty and a little bit dry.


The buds of this strain are surprisingly attractive. When a strain is uniquely filled with flavor, it is usually because of an excess quantity of trichomes that dot the surface.

THC Content – Highest Test

Most cannabis strains have a pretty regular THC concentration, sticking somewhere in the region between 12% and 25% THC. The amount of THC in a strain affects not only how high it makes you feel, but also how overpowering it is to first-time users.

Animal Mints cannabis manages to be one of the most potent strains available, with a THC concentration in excess of 32%. This is easily one of the most forceful strains ever and is capable of knocking inexperienced cannabis users completely unconscious if they aren’t careful.

CBD Content – Highest Test

CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid within the cannabis plant and has a wide range of uses. While most people are looking only for high THC quantities, some people like to have a little bit of CBD to balance out their massive amounts of THC.

Unfortunately, those people will likely be underwhelmed by the Animal Mints strain, because it has quite literally no CBD whatsoever. All of the CBD content in this strain was bred out.

So, don’t go into this strain expecting to feel any pleasant medical benefits from CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Animal Mints Strain

When you get a cannabis strain that can completely overwhelm your senses and leave you feeling higher than you have ever felt, its medical effects are pretty obvious.

If you struggle with any pain or inflammation, long-term or otherwise, you will likely find yourself completely forgetting about it after enjoying some Animal Mints. This strain’s massive amount of THC leaves you almost incapable of noticing any long term pain you have been suffering from, making day to day living so much easier.

Furthermore, this strain is also incredibly effective at helping you deal with mental issues like stress or depression. Its all-encompassing, pleasantly mesmerizing effects make it difficult to dwell on any kind of harmful mental disorder you might suffer from.

Finally, the main reason that many people enjoy the Animal Mints strain is its ability to send you to sleep. If you struggle with insomnia or just any kind of poor sleep quality, this is the strain or you. It will completely knock you out and make you incapable of doing anything other than swiftly falling asleep.

Of course, there are also a few side effects that you need to consider as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Animal Mints Strain

When you have a strain with such an intense concentration of THC, it is only natural that there will be a fair few side effects to contend with as well.

You can expect the typical enemies of stoners everywhere, dry mouth and dry eyes, to plague you soon after first smoking this bud. Keep yourself well hydrated and some moist towels on hand to keep yourself free from dryness, or you might find yourself especially uncomfortable.

The main side effects of this strain are to do with smoking far too much of it at once. Due to its high THC content, it is easy to accidentally smoke too much and find yourself tripping through reality, experiencing profound mental anguish and powerful headaches alongside some dizziness.

The best cure for this, however, is to simply not smoke too much. This is a potent strain, so only smoke a little bit at a time to help you get used to it.

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