Buy Skittles Cannabis Candy (400mg THC)

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Skittles – Cannabis Candy (400mg THC)

Buy Skittles Cannabis Candy


  • Cannabis infused Skittles candy
  • Great for recreational or medicinal use
  • Good choice for those looking to microdose cannabis
  • 20 pieces x 20mg THC each
  • 400mg THC total
  • Choose from 3 delicious fruity flavours
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Skittles – Cannabis Candy (400mg THC)

Medicated Skittles – Taste The Rainbow

Buy Skittles Cannabis Candy

Have a few pieces of these cannabis infused Skittles and soon you’ll really be tasting the rainbow! Choose from three classic flavours including Tropical, Sour and Wild Berry. Each pack of these Skittles candies are loaded with a total of 400mg of THC. There are around 20 Skittle pieces in each pack each containing 20mg of THC. Eat one or two pieces for a nice little microdose of THC or take a handful and get a nice high going.

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