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Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash. Morocco is the largest producer of hash in North Africa- Often referred to as “The Mecca of Hashish”. This light-brown and brittle hash exhibits a spicy and nutty flavour that is irresistibly smooth, inducing a creative and uplifting cerebral experience. This product is ideal for crumbling into your joints or bowl to really elevate your high.

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What To know Before Buying Moroccan Hash.

Cannabis has been cultivated in Morocco for centuries and is believed to have been brought to the area between 640 and 710 AD. In the 18th century, the northern region of Rif set itself apart as one of the major cannabis-producing areas in the country.

Today, Morocco is renowned for its hash, which is made by beating dried cannabis branches over fine sieves to separate the trichomes and create kief. This kief is then heated and pressed repeatedly into bricks.

The resulting hash can vary in colour, ranging from dark green to brown depending on the age of the plants and how long they were dried. Consistency also varies; Moroccan brick hash tends to be hard and brittle, resembling chocolate. Moroccan pollen hash, on the other hand, is much softer, similar to marzipan.

Good-quality Moroccan hash will be very aromatic and smooth, without the spicy aromas and flavors that characterize hash from other countries. Moroccan hash tends to produce a nice, uplifting high and contains rather mild concentrations of THC. Source.

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