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Killa K Preroll

Buy Killa K Preroll

Killa K Preroll is a bigger and better version of your traditional Backwood blunts. They are rolled with approx. 2.1 grams of the best top-shelf Indica flower and 1 gram of quality wax. Each preroll is hand-rolled to perfection. Unlike most of the prerolled blunts sold in today’s market, this blunt is never packed or diluted with a shake. Taste the freshness and high-grade flower with just a single hit.


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Killa K Preroll

Buy Killa K Preroll

Why buy Killa K Preroll? The name tells you why. This is a bigger and higher grade of your traditional Backwood blunts. Taste the quality and the freshness with the first hit and get that instant sense of relief and relaxation.

Perfect for small and large gatherings, kickbacks, parties. Want an easy way to entertain your guest all night? Then look no further, spark and take a hit, and so on and so on.

Killa Blunt Rolled With No Shake

These are hand-rolled with approx. 2.1 grams of the best top-shelf Indica flower. One fact Killa K always emphasized was never diluted with scraps or shake! Another critical point that blows many prerolled joints and blunts in today’s cannabis marketplace.

Then again, customers looking for something different and long-lasting with a robust high love this product for its consistency and exclusive quality. Don’t be surprised if you say goodbye to regular blunts!

Rolled with top-shelf or exotic strains to ensure the best possible experience.


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